5 Tips For Better Home Brewing

5 Tips For Better Home Brewing


Making great coffee at home can often seem complicated or challenging, but there are a few easy changes that you can make to your brewing process that will dramatically improve the quality of your cup.


Here are 5 of our favourite tips to instantly improve the taste and consistency of your coffee making!


5 Tips For Better Home Brewing

1. Use high-quality traceable & ethical coffee.

2. Grind fresh, using a burr grinder for consistent grind size.

3. Use filtered water — Britta or other.

4. Weigh coffee & water to get a consistent brew, every time.

5. Use water immediately after boiling — don't let it cool down before brewing.


If you're looking for some more comprehensive brewing guides, here are a few of our favourites from James Hoffman. We've been using his V60 guide for a while and it really improved the consistency of our brewing.



V60 Filter Guide


French Press


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