The Perfect Coffee Subscription Service

The Perfect Coffee Subscription Service

When we set out to create the Postroast platform, other than providing a better way for people to buy the best variety of ethically produce, fresh, Speciality Coffee on the internet, there was ONE thing that we were clear on...

We are NOT going to be another coffee subscription service!

There are two main reasons why we made such a strong visionary claim. 

The first being that there was already a number of good 'speciality' coffee subscriptions available on the market such as Dog & Hat, Pact or The Coffee Vine but at the time there wasn't any Platform that allowed the user to pick and choose their ideal coffee when they needed it like Postroast. 

The second reason was that at the time, we didn't know what the perfect speciality coffee subscription looked like. And from our brief market research, it seemed that speciality drinkers didn't feel that a pure subscription was the best fit for them.

More recently, however, after communication with lots of you, it became clear that there was a segment of our customers that would be interested in a coffee subscription if they could TRUST the subscription provider to choose great, high quality and interesting coffees each month. One of the main reasons for this was that customers enjoyed the choice and availability on Postroast but due to the different delivery times of Roasters, it was difficult to remember to order coffee before running out. And some months, due to busyness, it would just be easier for someone else to choose and order coffee. 

So this got us thinking... Could we invent a coffee subscription of sorts that would suit the needs of our customers better than what's currently available? 

A Coffee Concierge Service

One of the biggest question marks with current subscription services is that as a Subscriber, it's difficult to know whether each month you're going to receive speciality grade coffee that's ethically sourced, sustainably produced and above all tastes great! Or whether you're just going to get something that's been cheaply sourced, going out of stock and needs shifting, or customers aren't buying the coffee directly so the roaster is looking to sell it by other means for a cheeky profit margin.

So we had an idea...

Why don't we create a service that acts more like a truster concierge, where coffees are hand-picked for the customer based on their own likes/dislikes. Where the best tasting coffees are chosen by people who have actually tasted the coffee. And where the customer can be certain that every coffee they receive is speciality grade, ethically sourced and expertly produced.

Think of it more like delegating your coffee buying to someone who knows exactly what they are doing. So that you don't need to worry about remembering to order coffee, or scrolling through the list of available coffees to choose something.

All that to say, stay tuned, we're working hard at seeing what this might look like and whether it's feasible for us to add this to the Postroast platform. In the meantime, if this sounds like something you'd be interested in then please let us know. The more people that are interested, the more we're likely to develop this functionality.

That's all today. Peace.


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