El Divisio | COLOMBIA




TASTE | Sparkling Apple, White Grape and Citrus

PROCESS | Anaerobic Fermentation

VARIETAL | Caturra Rayado

REGION | Pitalito, Huila


BAG SIZE | 250g






Suitable for


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Wilder Lazo owns the one hectare El Divisio farm near the small township of Acevado east of Pitalito in the southern department of Huila, Colombia. Pitalito is one of the areas that has brought fame to Colombian coffee.

Caturra Rayado is a regional hybrid which has mutated in Acevado. It's a red Caturra, which has developed an orange stripe or crown; similar to the mutation of pink bourbon, which happened in the same region and is likely due to cross-pollination.

There is not a great deal of information about this varietal but there is a growing excitement about its potential and cup quality.

I reached out to Wilder via WhatsApp (yup, the modern day farmer has to connected) and he sent me some specifics on the processing of this special coffee as well as some delightful pictures of various stages of the flowering and ripening of these beauties.

12 hrs anaerobic fermentation of the cherries (with the skin)
De-pulping then a further 36 hrs fermentation with the mucilage intact
Washed thoroughly to remove any remaining mucilage
Drying on raised beds for 12-15 days within parabolic tunnels


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