Rwanda Liza Thin Natural | RWANDA




TASTE | Blood Organe, Fruit Liqueur and Melon

PROCESS | Natural

VARIETAL | Red Bourbon

REGION | South West

ALTITUDE | 1650+

BAG SIZE | 250g






Suitable for


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We first visited Rwanda in 2014 and over the last few years we've developed some very close relationships within the Rwandan coffee community. We first visited Liza washing station in May 2018 and have been buying coffee from them for two years.

For several years we have been working with producers in Rwanda on the creation of unique, exclusive natural processed microlots. This first started in Rwanda in 2016. We knew that some farmers and washing stations in Burundi were producing honey and natural processed lots but this didn't seem to be common in Rwanda. We proposed the idea to two of the co-operatives we were working with and both were keen to try some small experimental microlots. The first years tests were small, just 120kg of each trial process. Although the honey and washed experimental lots were very good, the ones that stood out were the thick and thin natural. The idea behind this was to vary the levels of fermentation and the influence that the drying process would have on the coffee. The thin layer natural is produced using ripe cherry that has been carefully hand sorted to remove defects and under ripe beans. The cherry is then laid out to dry on raised drying tables in a thin layer, no more than 2cm in depth. This means the coffee dries fairly quickly with low levels of fermentation. The thick layer natural (to be released later in the year) is dried using a thicker bed depth, this slows down the drying process and induces additional fermentation resulting in different flavours profile.

Liza is owned by coffee farmer Jean Paul. The washing station processes coffee from his farm in addition to coffee from several hundred local farms in the area. Coffee cherry is delivered daily during the harvest season from February to June and processed on the same day. They produce mainly washed coffee which is also available here. The thin natural microlot produced by Liza this year is a stunning coffee. It's bright, clean and very juicy but due to the thin layer there is very little fermentation and the typical flavours of Rwandan Red Bourbon shine through (ie orange and caramel). As a filter coffeeyou can expect notes of fruit liqueur, melon and blood orange. On espresso the taste profile changes a bit adding rich dark chocolate and accentuating the boozy liqueur notes. We absolutely love this coffee and I'm sure you will too!

In 2017 we funded a school repair project in the Rwanda Gishyita community. This year we are working on projects with a school local to Bwishaza and Liza washing stations. More information will be available soon and we are committed to working on long term projects in Rwanda.


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