Sitio Jacutinga | BRAZIL



TASTE | Black Cherry, Milk Chocolate and Praline

PROCESS | Natural

VARIETAL | Red & yellow catuai

REGION | Sul de Minas

ALTITUDE | 1200m

BAG SIZE | 250g


Suitable for

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This coffee is the outcome of a 5 year project between Neighbourhood Coffee and a tiny community high up in the hills of Sul de Minas, about 45 mins drive outside the town of Poço Fundo. The aim of the project was to improve both the quality of the coffee as well as the prices that could be paid for it. Osmar and Cleusa Periera agreed, with some natural skepticism, and 5 years later the team at Neighbourhood couldn’t be more happy with the results.

This is genuinely delicious, and the journey that’s it come is amazing to see – it’s improved so much since 2016, and the team at Neighbourhood think it can improve further. It’s testament to the hard work that Osmar, Elton and the Jacutinga families put in, the care and quality that Legender (exporter partners) put in, the care and attention to detail that the team at the roastery put in, and mostly to you, the folks who buy it. Thank you for buying it – you’re the people who make this possible.

This year’s harvest is delicious in every brew method; tons of smooth, creamy milk chocolate, but with a black cherry jam twist running throughout, and a sweet praline finish. If you take sugar in your coffee, you won’t need to with this one. In espresso it’s gorgeously sticky, sweet, creamy and moreish. In milk, it’s a chocolate and cherry milkshake. In filter and cafetière, it’s a chocolatey, all day quaffer. The best taste? Knowing that you’re making a difference to a small community in the hills of South Minas Gerais.

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