The Fields | KENYA




TASTE | Blackcurrant, Molasses and Plum

PROCESS | Washed


REGION | Kirinyaga

ALTITUDE | 1,500-1,800

BAG SIZE | 250g






Suitable for


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The Adventurous One.
The Fields is the adventurous coffee that has been a key player in our forward-thinking desire for quality and innovation at the roastery. This coffee is a nod to our past as one of the pioneers in the London coffee scene and a representation of our position in Hackney.

The Story
As part of the adventure, The Fields offers us the chance to explore alternative approaches to processing, sustainability and experiment with some of our closest coffee growing partners. All of which results in unique flavours from some of our favourite producers around the world.

This version comes to us from a collective of 8 Kenyan farmers, now famously known as the Slopes of 8. Working together with a local agronomist, the producers are continually improving quality by processing their own coffee and choosing to bypass the central auction system. Our roasting approach brings a more full-bodied and intensely sweet version of this coffee. Suitable for adventurous espresso and filter methods.

The Details
With many Kenyan coffees often lost at the whim of auction timing we joined this project with the intention of developing a closer working relationship and ensuring the rare opportunity to work with the same Kenyan coffee each year. Rather than submitting their coffee to a large co-op or factory, this project allows the group to maintain their own processing standards with the added return of improved and stable prices paid directly to them.

Having last visited in 2017 we were impressed with the Slopes of 8 ongoing efforts to refine and improve the classic Central Kenyan flavour profile. Each year this has evolved with sophisticated notes of deep fruit, heavy sugars and transparent florals pioneering new expectations of flavour, sustainability and economic viability.


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