TASTE | Lychee, Pomegranate and Red Grapes

PROCESS | Washed

VARIETAL | Bourbon

REGION | Kabarore, Kayanza

ALTITUDE | 1,750-1,900m

BAG SIZE | 200g


Suitable for

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The Izuba washing station is in the commune of Kabarore located 23km from the Kayanza township and within the greater Kayanza province - arguably Burundi’s most renowned specialty coffee producing region. Situated in the far north of the country coffees processed at Izuba benefit from high altitudes that range between 1750 and 1900masl, and sharing many of the fruit forward taste characteristics of the coffees of their neighbours to the north, Rwanda.

The Izuba washing station is uniquely placed by a nearby river which it uses to produce the coffees for small-holding famers in the surrounding area. While, in 2019, Izuba was still able to process coffee for 784 farming families the volume of production as a whole was significantly down due to bad weather and low harvests.

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