La Montana | GUATEMALA



TASTE | Golden Syrup, Praline and Baked Apple

PROCESS | Washed

VARIETAL | Catuai, Caturra, Bourbon

REGION | Huehuetenango

ALTITUDE | 1,700 masl

BAG SIZE | 250g; 2kg


Suitable for

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Our first Guatemalan coffee of the year highlights the clean and complex aspects of the renowned Huehuetenango region. Close to the border with Mexico, Huehuetenango offers some of the highest altitudes in Guatemala with the much cooler mountain evenings leading to a slower maturation of cherries and characteristically crisp coffees.

Near the town of San Antonio Huista producer Emilio Villatoro has presided over Finca La Montaña for more than 20 years. At just over a hectare in size his yearly production of 30-35 bags of coffee provides his family’s main source of income. Providing protective shade over these coffee plants are towering Gravileas and Chalun trees with citrus fruit also providing another source of income, sustenance and biodiversity.

Don Emilio uses a precise and methodical approach at harvest time with coffee depulped on the day of picking to immediately separate beans from their fruit. The coffee undergoes a washed fermentation in water for 24 hours followed by a second 12 hour soak to further remove any remaining mucilage. This results in an incredibly smooth appearance that also homogenizes the coffee's moisture content and improves flavour longevity. All processed on his own farm Emilio’s coffee is then dried on sunny patios for a week.

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