Francis Arturo Romero | HONDURAS



TASTE | Strawberry, Rum and Overripe Banana

PROCESS | 72hr Macerated Natural

VARIETAL | Parainema

REGION | Corquin, Copan

ALTITUDE | 1200masl

BAG SIZE | 250g


Suitable for

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San Isidro III is owned and operated by producer Francis Arturo Romero. The 5.5 hectare farm, sitting at 1200masl, is mostly planted with Lempira and IHCAFE90. This lot, however, consists of Parainema, a unusual hybrid created in the 1980's by Honduras' national coffee research centre, IHCAFE. With the help of the producer group Arucos, and our good friends Falcon Specialty, Francis has been able to further push the quality of his coffee, producing some outstanding and highly complex naturally processed lots. This lot is a 72hr macerated natural, processed at Aruco's central mill. Once cleaned, whole cherries are in a sealed container under anaerobic conditions at 22C, where they ferment and macerate for 72hr. The coffee is then dried of raised beds at a lower altitude for 20-30 days. The 2020 harvest was extremely difficult, due to unnatural heavy rains and a lack of pickers, so we're incredibly happy to have this coffee from the Aruco group. Full of complexity, this coffee brings more and more elements with each sip.

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