Finsa Estate | WEST JAVA




TASTE | Raisin, Dates and Molasses

PROCESS | Washed — Lactic Ferment

VARIETAL | Andung Sari

REGION | Sunda


BAG SIZE | 250g







Suitable for

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This is our first ever coffee from West Java and it's a taste profile we don't normally experience from Indonesia. Coffees from this part of the world are often processed using the wet hulled method know for rich chocolate, earthy flavours that very much divides the crowd. This coffee is very different and has been processed as a washed coffee with a focus creating a clean, high scoring microlot of just 8 x 69kg bags.

Farm Overview:
The farm is owned by Wildan and his wife Atieq and they have been running this farm since 2010. Wildan and Atieq focus on producing high quality washed coffees which is unusual in Indonesia. The majority of producers focus on the traditional wet hulled method so Wildan is able to offer something quite different by chosing to process microlots using the washed method.

Frinsa Estate is located in West Java, locally called Sunda. They have a wetmill as well as a well ventilated storage space and a dry mill. All located at 1400 masl altitude. This means they are in fully control of their product from harvest to grading, sorting and shipment.
West Java Coffee

Harvesting and Processing:
This particular coffee comes from the Andung Sari varietal, a high quality coffee with links to the Catimor varietal. Harvesting on the farm is selective with pickers selecting ripe coffee cherry from trees at around 1500 masl. After harvesting the coffee is processed by pulping to remove the outer layer of fruit and then fermenting the coffee in tanks with water and added Lactic Bacteria. Lactic fermentation is a common technique in the beer making industry and can kick start some interesting flavour development during the wet fermentation process.

Tasting Notes:
We love the juicy, complex flavours of this unique microlots. It certainly very different to most coffees that we have tried from Indonesia. Like most washed coffees this one has a lovely acidity and is very clean with lovely fruit notes.

These include dried fruits (raisin and dates), with a rich molasses like sweetne


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