Finca Santa Leticia | EL SALVADOR




TASTE | Milk chocolate, Jammy Dodgers and Red grape

PROCESS | Washed

VARIETAL | Bourbon

REGION | Apeneca

ALTITUDE | 1400m

BAG SIZE | 250g






Suitable for


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Santa Leticia is owned and farmed by Ricardo Valdivieso Oriani, who grows Bourbon at altitudes of 1400m in the Apeneca mountains- not super high, but high enough to give this coffee a gentle fruity acidity. Ricardo and his team are experimenting with various processing methods, but we loved this fully washed lot for its simplicity as much as its flavour. We find masses of sweet milk chocolate, and then a hit of jammy dodgers - red fruit jam with a biscuity sweetness. As espresso you may get a red grape flavour too, but you may not notice as you'll have drunk it by then, and be making another, faster than a flicker.

It works in all brew methods, but really shines in espresso and in milk drinks, where the jammy-ness and chocolate make for a rich, indulgent flat white or cappuccino.


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