Arsosala W.S | ETHIOPIA



TASTE | Peach Iced Tea, 7Up and Jasmine

PROCESS | Washed

VARIETAL | Bourbon & Typica

REGION | Uraga, Oromia

ALTITUDE | 1800masl

BAG SIZE | 250g


Suitable for

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Arsosala Washing Station, sits in the Uraga district of the Oromia region. This makes up part of the Guji zone, a region renowned for its unique flavour profiles. The station was founded in Arsosala village five years ago, currently serving 1200 smallholder producers from the surrounding area. Most of the coffee delivered to the station is of Bourbon and Typica varieties, which are more associated with coffee in South and Central America. Genetic studies have shown that the original coffee seeds cultivated from coffee forests of Southern Ethiopia in Yemen, and then spread globally, were the progenitors of the modern day Bourbon and Typica varieties. Cherry is depulped the same day as delivery, fermented overnight before being washed. The coffee is then fermented again for 8-16 hours and washed a second time, finally being dried on raised beds for 9-12 days.

Throughout the process, this lot from Arsosala W.S goes through a meticulous special preparation, which is very apparent in the cup. It's full of the classic stone fruit and citrus expected from a washed process Ethiopian. Peach and apricot are heavy on the nose, paired with floral notes of jasmine. These follow into the cup, a clean sweetness of stone fruit persisting throughout. A crisp citrus acidity balances the cup, lemon and lime appear reminiscent of 7Up. A long, lingering floral finish of jasmine and bergamot finished the cup.

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