Bella Vista - Sugarcane Decaf E.A Espresso | COLOMBIA




TASTE | Toffee, Cashew Nuts and Citric Acidity

PROCESS | Decaffeination

VARIETAL | Caturra & Colombia

REGION | Huila

ALTITUDE | 1890 masl

BAG SIZE | 250g






Suitable for


Visit our Brew Guides guide for our tips and advice on brewing the perfect cup.


Not every coffee holds up in the decaffeination process, and not all processes are created equal.

Our partner on this coffee, Cafe Imports carefully select the coffees they send for decaffeination, and partner with decaffeination processors who have as high quality standards as they do.

Ethel Acetate is a natural by-product of fermented sugar-cane, which bonds with the soluble caffeine compounds in the coffee and allows them to be stripped from the green beans.


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