Dimtu Sidamo | ETHIOPIA



TASTE | Brown Sugar, Mango and Peach

PROCESS | Natural

VARIETAL | Heirloom


ALTITUDE | 1800-2000m

BAG SIZE | 250g


Suitable for

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The Guji region of Ethiopia has been receiving more and more attention from the specialty coffee world recently because of its exceptional coffees. Guji, a zone of the Oromo region in Ethiopia south of Sidamo, is well known for its mineral-rich volcanic soils – a perfect growing environment for Arabica coffee.

The many smallholder farmers of Guji live and grow coffee at an altitude of 1,800-2,000 meters above sea level and surprisingly compared to other regions of Ethiopia, coffee cultivation is relatively new here. The red cherries are hand picked, delivered to the central processing mill, and then spread in thin layers on banks of raised drying beds. They will be turned several times per day, covered up at night and in the midday sun, and will spend between 10 and 14 days drying, before resting. They are then sent to the dry mill to be de-hulled, revealing the green bean underneath, which then gets bagged and starts the journey to us.

When you combine the perfect growing environment and the precise treatment of the coffee at origin with a bit of TLC at Neighbourhood's roastery, you’re guaranteed to get a mango fruit bomb, juicy peaches and all of the sweet sweet brown sugar you could ever wish for.

It’ll make a seriously intense espresso that’ll turn into a smooth fruity milkshake when combined with milk or a sweet mango explosion on V60 or filter. In cafetiere, the fruit will be there in abundance too, but the brown sugar sweetness comes to the fore. Enjoy!

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