Ethiopia Odaco | ETHIOPIA



TASTE | Mango , Peach Syrup and Passion Fruit

PROCESS | Natural

VARIETAL | Heirloom

REGION | Shantawene

ALTITUDE | 2000-2200

BAG SIZE | 250g


Suitable for

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This coffee from the Shantawene community is a micro-lot and has been called “Odako” to reflect the powerful culture of Shantawene, Sidama people. The Odako tree is where the Shantawene community meets under the tree to resolve the conflicts in the area.

The coffee is sourced from 563 Daye Bensa member farmers from the Shantawene area and Gatta Daye Bensa Farm. Daye Bensa micro-lots are a limited production, this approach help them to focus on the quality of the beans. As soon as the coffee is received, it gets sorted by floating and picking out the ripe cherries. Then it dries on beds for 13-15 days; one person is assigned per each individual bed to rotate the cherries every 15 minutes to ensure uniformity of drying.

Daye Bensa is a particularly community oriented business delivering additional bonus payment to the farmers based on the volume they contribute to the micro-lots and they reward consistency year in year out.

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