House Espresso | BRAZIL



TASTE | Chocolate, Caramel and Round

PROCESS | Natural

VARIETAL | Bourbon Amarelo

REGION | Sul de Minas

ALTITUDE | 950-1200m

BAG SIZE | 200g


Suitable for

Visit our Brew Guides guide for our postroast tips and advice on brewing the perfect cup.


Priscila Nogueira Pinto Figueiredo inherited the Fazenda Dona Alayde from her father when she was just 18 years old. The land has been in the family for four generations, and coffee has been grown on the farm since the 20th century. Dona Alayde cultivates mundo novo, acaiá, catuaí, yellow catucaí and yellow bourbon varietals.

The farm's trained agronomists focus on the sustainability of Dona Alayde's growing practices, to ensure their work adheres to local and international social and environmental standards. In 2019, they were awarded a UTZ Certification of sustainability.

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