La Ricuarte | COLOMBIA

by Obadiah


TASTE | Mandarin, Toffee and Milk chocolate

PROCESS | Washed

VARIETAL | Castillo


ALTITUDE | 2000m

BAG SIZE | 250g


Suitable for

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This coffee is grown in Antioquia, situated in the northwest of Colombia's coffee lands. Most small holders here own 2 - 5ha of land but there are also larger family farms in the region that have been part of families for generations. Only recently has specialty coffee been associated with this region as there have been significant quality improvements over the past number of years. The climate and dramatic valleys make this a very challenging environment to produce specialty coffee. Here traditionally there are two harvests with the main harvest occurring between Oct-Jan and then the fly crop taking place in March to May.

Finca La Ricuarte is a 150ha farm with 50ha given to natural forest land. This farm belongs to the Velez family who have owned the farm for generations. The main variety on the farm is caturra with some colombia and castillo. Once harvested, the coffee is separated, pulped and then fermented overnight in water for 12-16 hours. After this the coffee is washed and floated before being dried on patios or in a mechanical drier at 40 degrees if the weather is too wet.

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