Lajas | PERU



TASTE | Blackcurrant, Plum and Blackberry

PROCESS | Washed

VARIETAL | Typica, Catuai

REGION | Santa Rosa Del Mirador, San Martin

ALTITUDE | 1425 masl

BAG SIZE | 250g


Suitable for

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Nélida Zurita is a single mother and leader of the women’s committee of her local producer co-operative, known for her innovations in coffee processing. This lot from her farm is a great example of her ambitious creativity: the coffee owes its incredible vibrant flavour to how Nélida took the coffee cherries, removed the fruit and then placed the beans in an oxygen free environment for 90 hours to foster a quick fermentation, which passed intense flavours to the coffee. From there the coffee was treated more traditionally, stopping flavour development at the perfect point for a delicious balanced intensity.

In coffee Peru is known for its incredible geography that influences the weather coming off the Pacific and, together with its many small farms, creates a unique terroir for coffee. As a country its focus on quality started from a challenging place after poor management of the coffee industry meant infrastructure and education was neglected. Peru is one of the best examples of how Fair Trade jump started the industry, as it pushed development and community investment which helped producers attain a sustainable production level. Now those producers look towards the next step and begin focusing on specialty coffee, endeavouring to create exceptional coffees that garner even higher acclaim and with them, higher prices.

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