Maracay | COLOMBIA



TASTE | Pomegranate, Passion Fruit and Blood Orange

PROCESS | Anaerobic EP1 Natural

VARIETAL | Castillo

REGION | Quindeo

ALTITUDE | 1,900 - 2,000 masl

BAG SIZE | 250g


Suitable for

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This lot from Jairo Arcila is completely unique and defies many expectations
of what coffee can be and what some origins can achieve. Anaerobic naturals
are rare from Colombia because the cool damp weather on most farms makes
it difficult for coffee to dry without causing defects. In order to be successful,
Jairo developed his own process called EF1. The cultivar of this lot is castillo,
which although common in Colombia seldom reaches such high quality scores.
To achieve these results, Jairo has expertly transformed his farm to create ideal
conditions for growing this challenging cultivar.

Anaerobic natural processed coffee is a style of processing that is relatively new,
quite simple, but also very risky. Jairo’s unique approach involved picking the coffee
and allowing it to ferment in the cherry for 24 hours. After this he sealed the
cherries in a bag, removing the oxygen, and submerged the bag in water to keep
it at a steady 22 degrees Celsius. He then removed the coffee from the bag and
dried almost all the way to the goal of 11.5% moisture content, stopping at 18%. He
then put the cherries back in the bag for 50 hours before taking them out again to
dry down to 11.5%. This whole process runs the risk of developing mould, which can
negatively affect the final cup. Nevertheless, Jairo expertly managed to create an
incredibly sweet and unique coffee.

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