Meson Bajo | COLOMBIA



TASTE | Caramel, Orange and Toffee Apple

PROCESS | Washed

VARIETAL | Catuai, Castillo, Colombia

REGION | Argelia, Cauca

ALTITUDE | 1200-2000m

BAG SIZE | 250g


Suitable for

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The ARGCAFFE group has a history that is common to many producer groups. Five years ago, a neighbourhood group of producers (17 at the time) started to work together in an attempt to find better prices and a better market for their coffee. Argelia is a fairly remote southern part of Cauca state, and these guys live fours hours from the main highway, across three valleys.

They now have multiple projects running, helped by governmental funding, to provide their members with education, coffee pulpers and construction materials for their farms. By 2017, the initial 17 had grown to 89.

Currently, ARGCAFEE has a warehouse and cupping lab. They are democratically structured and have a director, legal representative, representative of the producers, accountant, secretary, and a technical committee — all of which are chosen by popular vote amongst the members.

Future goals with ARGCAFEE include a coca-reduction incentive program in which a higher premium price will be paid to producers that choose to replant sections of their land with coffee instead of the coca that is currently in production here.

In terms of flavour, this is classically Colombian – expect plenty fo juicy orange acidity, and then lashings of caramel flavours to follow. There’s also some complexity going on, we get some red grape, toffee apple, and even some cherry bakewell aromas on occasion. It’ll work in any brew method you use, but it really shines in filter, V60 or aeropress.

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