Shyira | RWANDA



TASTE | Grapefruit, Lemonade and Vibrant

PROCESS | Washed

VARIETAL | Bourbon

REGION | Nyabihu District

ALTITUDE | 11850 - 2400 masl

BAG SIZE | 200g


Suitable for

Visit our Brew Guides guide for our postroast tips and advice on brewing the perfect cup.


Shyira’s small-scale (smallest of three washing stations among the Muraho group) is a deliberate choice to allow the station to focus on specialist and niche micro-lots for sale as single origins in European markets. The washing station receives cherries from neighbouring farms as high as 2400masl which is among the highest - if not the outright highest - coffee grown in Rwanda.

On May 7th 2020 floods ravaged the Nyabihu District, home to the Shyira farming communities, with catastrophic effect. The lives of 28 members of the community were tragically lost in the floods while the ensuing mudslides continued to cause destruction.

325 homes, 36 classrooms, 12 churches, a healthcare centre, electrical and water infrastructure and farming livestock and coffee trees have all been destroyed. Help is still needed to provide basic food, clean water and physical safety support for families affected.

All profits from the retail sale of this coffee will be donated to aid immediate relief. In addition all donations or funds raised via our wholesale partners will be matched by Assembly.

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