V60 Ceramic Pink Pour Over

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BREW TYPE | Pour Over Filter

SIZE | 02 (medium 2/3 cups)


MATERIAL | Ceramic


Place the V60 on top of your cup and insert a filter paper, rinse the paper with hot water and then add around 15-20g of freshly ground coffee. This is a good amount for one person. Next, pour over boiling water (around 250ml for 15g coffee). The water should take around 2.5-3.5 minutes to flow through the coffee grounds.

For more detailed instructions, visit our Brew Guides section of the website.


The V60 Pour Over is one of the most popular coffee brewing techniques in the world. It is also one of the easiest - quick, simple and cheap. It's a very easy but worthwhile step up from instant or french press brewing. Coffee brewed with a V60 is bright, smooth and full of flavour.

The pink cermaic variant is a stand out item for any kitchen and feels more premium than the plastic version.If you want to feel incredible brewing your morning coffee, then this is the one. And it's in Postroast Pink...

*Don't forget to also pick up some 02 sized filters as these are not included.

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