Werema Village | TIMOR LESTE



TASTE | Apple Pie, Marzipan and Black Tea

PROCESS | Washed

VARIETAL | Hybrid de Timor, Moka, Typica

REGION | Ermera

ALTITUDE | 1600masl

BAG SIZE | 250g


Suitable for

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Werema Village sits in the region of Ermera, one of thirteen municipalities in the country and home to the largest coffee production volumes. Having found its sovereignty in 2002, Timor-Leste currently faces enormous economic upheaval, as its oil reserves run dry. In its place, coffee is this nation’s most vital export. Our friends at Raw Material are aiming to improve the total value and profitability of Timor-Leste’s coffee sector. They first built a community wet mill at Atsabe in 2018, following with training courses for the local producers. 2019 was the first full harvest season, expanding the project to include 6 villages. Werema was one of those. Cherry from Werema is collected daily and processed at the Atsabe wet mill, before being dried slowly for 6 weeks: 3 weeks across a combination of Colombia, Timor-Leste , and African style beds, before being moved to fully shade dried at lower altitudes.

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