Wilfa Svart Coffee Grinder




BREW TYPE | Pour Over, French-Press, Stovetop, Aeropress (not Espresso)

FEATURES | Variable Grind Size, Fast and Consistent

COLOUR | Black



Grind size and consistency have one of the largest effects on taste when brewing coffee - so you want to get this right. There are many electric grinders out there but there's a good reason why the Wilfa Svart is trusted by coffee experts all over the world. It's the best! That's why it's the only grinder we offer on Postroast.

The Wilfa has exceptional grind consistency and is suitable for lots of different types of brewing. It's also incredible value for money compared to other similar products.

The grinder has also been approved by the European Brewing Centre.

Overall, we think that this is the perfect grinder for home use.

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