Wilfa Uniform+ Coffee Grinder

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Includes built-in precision scales
The Wilfa Uniform+ Grinder is one of the best at home grinders on the market. The Uniform+ uses a 58mm flat burr design, a more expensive and better designed burr set than the typical conical burr design of other popular at home grinders. The result — a more consistent grind, less fines and a more delicious brew.

BREW TYPE | Pour Over, French-Press, Stovetop, Aeropress (not made for Espresso)

FEATURES | 40 Point Variable Grind Size, Fast and Consistent, Built-in Scales, Less than 1 gram retention.

COLOUR | Black

It's important to know that grind size and consistency have one of the largest effects on taste when brewing coffee - so you want to get this right. There are many electric grinders out there but there's a good reason why the Wilfa Uniform+ is trusted by coffee experts all over the world

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